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Sustainability and climate action are top priorities for businesses today, and Conapto is no exception. Since 2019, we’ve been fully powered by sustainable energy and have implemented innovative heat reuse technology, contributing to district heating. In collaboration with GoClimate, our sustainability partner, we’re actively working to make a positive impact.

Explore this page to learn how we’re providing sustainable data center solutions for our customers. We believe in taking responsibility for our environment, and we take our commitment to climate action seriously.


Read more about how sustainable IT is and how you can change to a climate responsible IT operation.
CO₂ transparency

Since 2023 we hold the GoClimate CO₂ Transparency label incorporating a yearly Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG) report containing climate calculation for our emissions as well as action plans and targets to reduce them.

Climate Neutral
Data Centre Pact

Conapto is a certified member of the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact — an initiative aiming to make data centers in Europe climate neutral by 2030. Companies joining the Pact represent the most significant industry players in cloud infrastructure and data centers in Europe. The Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact establishes a self-regulatory initiative which has been developed in co-operation with the European Commission. It supports both the European Green Deal, which aims to make Europe the world’s first climate neutral continent by 2050, and the European Data Strategy by making EU data centers climate neutral by 2030.

Our guide to learn more about sustainable
and fossil free data centers — completely free of charge.

Are you aware of the type and mix of electricity your data center consumes? That is the single most important aspect of how climate smart a data center is. Do you use electricity made from dirty sources like lignite or do you use renewable energy sources such as wind or hydropower? In 2009, Conapto made the strategic decision to move towards a greener approach and has since then operated its data center facilities with 100% renewable wind- and hydro power compensated energy. Since 2021 Conapto uses Vattenfall 24/7 matching of consumption which shows production hour-by-hour using SmartUtility built on Microsoft Azure IOT. That combined with certifications such as climate neutral company and Fossil Free Data makes Conapto a leading supplier of climate-smart colocation services.

What does 24/7 Matching mean?

Energy production is one of the main sources of carbon emissions globally, and an increasing number of companies are committing to 100% renewable energy. But to be able to fulfill that ambition, a way of tracking renewable electricity is required. Today, this is solved using Energy Attribute Certificates, called Guarantees of Origin (GOs) in Europe and Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) in the US. These ensure that the amount of electricity sold corresponds to the amount produced. GOs allow us to choose electricity from a specific source; this enables us to choose electricity exclusively from renewable sources such as wind, solar or hydropower.

Heat recovery system

A data center generates a lot of heat from all equipment in the plant. This heat can be reused instead of just sending it out in the air. Conapto collaborates with Stockholm Exergi and Sollentuna Energi for heat recovery, ie. the residual heat generated in the data center is returned to the local district heating network, which can then be used to generate recycled and cheap heat for, for example, housing.

Dynamic Grid Support

At Conapto, we believe that data centers should actively contribute to supporting the community through solutions such as heat reuse and grid support. By introducing Dynamic Grid Support, we aim to reduce CO2 emissions by facilitating the integration of more renewables into the energy mix while simultaneously creating new capacity for our customers.

Through the innovative Dynamic Grid Support feature of the UPS, Conapto can actively contribute to grid stability by participating in fast frequency response (FFR) and frequency containment reserve demand (FCR-D). For more information about the project, read the case study at this link.

Solar power

Another renewable energy source which could be a good alternative for a data center. Conapto is building solar panels at the roof of the new data center Stockholm 4 South. Conapto is also looking at how solar energy could be used as a complement to other measures to further increase the energy efficiency of its data centers.

PUE (Power Usage Effectivness)

This is a way of measuring how energy efficient a data center is and describes the relationship between the amount of energy used by the IT equipment (servers etc) inside the data center and the total amount of energy required to operate the data center. The PUE’s are difficult to compare between plants as external conditions, especially the cooling ability, effects the statistics but is an overall good standard for measuring the efficiency of a data center. Conapto has always had, for the Stockholm area, very low PUEs and is constantly working to trim energy efficiency.

For specific PUE numbers, please download our free data sheets here:

Stockholm 1 City

Stockholm 2 South

Stockholm 3 North

Stockholm 4 South

Certified according to ISO 14001

ISO 14001 is the collective name for the environmental management standards. These standards, in turn, create an environmental management system that can be easily integrated into existing operations.

Active environmental work offers many benefits. This is partly due to reduced use of resources and lower costs for waste management, but also to our common environment.

A vibrant and well-integrated environmental management system also provides:
– Increased process efficiency
– Reduced use of resources and materials per delivered benefit
– Reduced waste production per delivered benefit and thus reduced waste management costs
– Increased share of renewable resources and systems
– Increased goodwill and increased credibility for the organization’s environmental work
– Increased competence in the organization
– Increased dialogue between Conapto and our partners

Certified according to ISO 50001

ISO 50001 establishes the requirements for organizations to strategically plan, implement, maintain, and improve their energy management systems. The purpose of this system is to assist the organization in following a structured and long-term methodology for continuous improvement of its energy performance. This involves focusing on aspects such as energy efficiency, energy usage, and energy consumption.

In contrast to the environmental management system ISO 14001, this standard specifies a specific requirement for large companies to map their energy usage.

There are several advantages to using ISO 50001:

  1. Certification and compliance: Certification according to the standard demonstrates that the organization meets national, European, and international requirements in the field.
  2. Effective energy management: The standard serves as a tool to structure and manage the organization’s energy management efforts.
  3. Energy efficiency: By applying the standard, the organization can streamline its energy usage, thus reducing energy costs.
  4. Environmental responsibility: By reducing energy consumption, the organization lessens its climate and environmental impact.

In summary, ISO 50001:2018 is a valuable standard that helps organizations manage and improve their energy performance, which, in turn, can result in economic and environmental benefits.

Recycling and reuse of electronics

Worn out equipment is recycled and reused through Stena Recycling/Moreco Group AB and replaced as far as possible with more energy efficient alternatives. Stena recycling/Moreco Group AB offers an optimized lifecycle management of IT infrastructure that supports a circular economy. Solutions cover the entire chain – from financing IT infrastructure and selling spare parts / products that have gone out of production to return logistics, including security services such as data erasure, destruction, reuse and recycling. Conapto and its customers have since 2020 collectively reduced CO2 emissions significantly. By recycling and reusing worn-out equipment, the total CO2 savings amount to an impressive 365,727.37 tonnes CO2e. Read more HERE.

Low emissions backup power

A data center is, for obvious reasons, also dependent on being able to operate on reserve power if the regular power supply were to be down. This is done with large generators powered by diesel. Our backup power source is fueled by environmentally responsible diesel, such as EcoPar and MK1, which boast top environmental ratings and are well-suited for optimal performance in Nordic weather conditions.

Member of the Climate Pact

Conapto is also a member of the Stockholm City Climate Pact. The Climate Pact is a climate network for the City of Stockholm, companies and organizations, where we work together to reduce climate impact. Today, the Climate Pact has over 250 members from all over the Stockholm region. The city’s goal is a fossil-free Stockholm 2040. In this work, the Climate Pact serves as an arena for exchange of knowledge and experience between the city, politics and members. Together we create a climate network and a meeting place for discussions and new ideas and collaborations.

The climate pact is coordinated by the Stockholm City Environment and Climate Citizens Council. It gives all members a direct link to local politics and the city’s administration.

ESG Value Chain

Our mission is to enhance and safeguard the well-being of individuals and the environment throughout our value chain and broader society. This commitment involves ethical conduct in our business transactions and the treatment of the workforce. Additionally, we place high expectations on our business associates, emphasizing individual responsibility and environmentally conscious practices to minimize their ecological footprint. We aspire to be a force for good, positively impacting both people and the environment.


Conapto has worked actively with environmental, climate and sustainability questions for many years and today has a position as one of the most climate responsible alternatives in Stockholm. Collaborating with Conapto is a guarantee that your own sustainability work and your own profiling in these areas appears very credible. Together we can make a difference – if we together make climate responsible choices.

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