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Information camera surveillance

Why do we use camera surveillance? Conapto uses camera surveillance with the aim of preventing and complicating: criminal acts in buildings where Conapto conducts business, protecting staff and visitors as well as property from crime and accidents.

What type of camera surveillance do we use and on what legal basis?

Surveillance and video recording within the company’s areas
The purpose of this is to maintain a safe environment for staff and visitors and to prevent criminal activity such as theft and vandalism. The camera surveillance is a support in the company’s preventive work against serious incidents that constitute a threat to a person or property, as well as in the investigation of crimes such as vandalism, theft and threats. The monitoring also fulfills a function to curb the stay of unauthorized persons in the properties and as visual support for Conapto’s security center.
Legal basis: Camera surveillance takes place with the support of the regulations for balancing interests. It is judged that there is a legitimate interest in processing the data for specified purposes.

Storage of specific recordings and events
Aims to, as part of a police report or ongoing police preliminary investigation, secure evidence for further promotion to the police authority. Conapto can also share stored, specific recordings to customers who have required their particular equipment to be recorded and where the camera is aimed at their equipment. These recordings are handed out to each customer at the request of that customer, usually in connection with an incident or to ensure that they have staff on site.
Legal basis: We handle personal data based on “legal obligation” when we store and forward data to the police authority as part of an ongoing police report or ongoing police preliminary investigation. Recording on behalf of the customer is shared with them with the support of the regulations for balancing interests. It is judged that there is a legitimate interest in processing the data for specified purposes.

Categories of personal data
Recorded material of movements in the places where cameras have been set up for the above-mentioned purposes. Conato does not sell or convey data to anyone other than those mentioned above, however, data may be processed by personal data assistants, ie companies that Conapto has hired for security and surveillance as well as the operation of camera surveillance systems. However, these parties may not use the data for any purpose other than to provide services for which they are engaged by Conapto and only under the conditions specified by Conapto.

Who has access to camera surveillance?
Access to Conapto’s camera surveillance is limited to a group of authorized employees at Conapto, authorized personnel at the customer and authorized personnel in the companies tasked with managing surveillance. Information may also be processed by a police authority where there is a legal aspect.

How long are recorded materials saved?
Recorded material is saved for a maximum of 90 days. Materials may be stored longer if needed to comply with specific legal requirements or if the material is evidence in the ongoing legal process. In these cases, the material is deleted as soon as the purpose of saving it has ceased. Recorded material is stored on special servers with a high level of protection of IT security and physical security, where access to the material is limited to a small number of authorized persons.

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