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Environmental Policy

Conapto offers secure, environmentally friendly and cost-effective colocation facilities for your physical hardware as well as market-leading access to the cloud. Conapto must always comply with laws and binding requirements. Conapto’s CEO, management team and all employees must know their legal and moral responsibility to follow the laws, rules and procedures that Conapto has set up for its energy work.

The environmental policy must be communicated to all employees, our customers and suppliers and be available to the public. Through regular meetings, the staff must be informed about rules, routines and our environment targets and their fulfillment.

In the daily work, waste arises in various forms, such as paper, electronics, metal, packaging, fluorescent lamps and batteries. Conapto wants to reduce the amount of waste and that the remaining waste is recycled or reused in an environmentally friendly way.

Carbon footprint
Through active environmental choices, Conapto will prevent pollution and work to reduce emissions.

Energy use
In the Business, energy is consumed in the form of heat and electricity for lighting and the operation of data centers with equipment. Conapto works actively to follow up on its energy targets in order to make energy consumption more efficient.

Conapto’s suppliers are assessed, among other things based on their environmental work. When purchasing products and consumables, energy performance must be a parameter.

Business trips
When traveling on business, if possible, the alternative that has the least environmental impact should be chosen, for example trains. Company cars must be environmentally classified. Conapto staff should, as far as possible, strive to minimize travel by using modern technology such as video conferencing.

Environmental goals and self-control
Conapto shall conduct active environmental work and make active choices to reduce the company’s environmental impact by continuously working on continuous improvements and the prevention of pollution.

The environmental aspects must be revised every year and based on these, environmental goals are established with action plans to achieve these goals.

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