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Social Responsibility

Conapto is a leading provider of innovative co-location solutions and cost-effective and high-performance access to carrier networks and cloud services. Our data centers are designed to enable our customers to avail of the latest technology while reducing environmental impact as much as possible.

Environmentally friendly
To reduce CO2 emissions, all of our data centers are 100% fueld with windmill power. We also aim to exclusively use environmentally-rated cars in our operations and the long-term vision is to replace as many vehicles as possible with clean electricity and hybrid cars. We are also working actively to try to benefit from recycled office supplies in our administrative operations and to reduce our overall impact on the environment every year.

Products and services
Our goal is to always offer innovative platforms that enable companies to reduce their energy consumption and corporate employees to reduce their environmental impact. Our solutions for co-location and efficient communications to networks and cloud services provide companies with high performance and efficiency services, while increasing the ability to collaborate mobile and reduce travel, which overall provides a sustainable and more environmentally friendly workplace.

Our coworkers
At Conapto, we are very proud of our employees and are actively committed to continuously improving the work environment, employee satisfaction and skills. We encourage every employee’s skills and strive to create a workplace with diversity. It is our conviction that employees of different backgrounds, interests and personalities contribute to a more efficient and sustainable business.

We support and respect the protection of internationally claimed human rights and ensure that participation in human rights violations does not occur. We recruit and treat our employees in a manner that is not discriminatory regarding gender, race, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, political opinion, union membership, social or ethnic origin.

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