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Conapto reduces CO2 Emissions through Recycling

Sweden consistently ranks high on international lists for sustainability across various sectors including the environment, business, governance, and tourism. Topping charts for efficient governance, attractive environment, and advanced economy, Sweden is recognized for having the tools to maintain prosperity and growth in the future (Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index).

Since 2020, Conapto has partnered with Moreco/Stena Recycling, specialists in secure data erasure, reuse, and recycling of worn-out equipment when necessary. Their expertise extends to providing optimized lifecycle management solutions for IT infrastructure, which support a circular economy model. These solutions encompass various security services including data erasure, destruction, reuse, and recycling.

With the proliferation of electronic products, it’s crucial not to discard hardware but to recycle it instead. Electronic waste is the fastest-growing waste stream globally1. To mitigate the climate impact, progress is being made through increased requirements for reducing IT waste, new legal requirements for environmental reporting such as the EU directive CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive)2, and ambitious environmental goals set by companies. Sustainability certification and eco-labeling for IT products further emphasize environmental considerations.

Through the partnership with Moreco/Stena Recycling since 2020, Conapto and its customers have collectively reduced CO2 emissions significantly. By recycling and reusing worn-out equipment, the total CO2 savings amount to an impressive 365,727.37 tonnes CO2e.

Sustainability is paramount for Conapto and our customers. We are delighted to have a strong partnership with Moreco/Stena Recycling, enabling us to achieve substantial CO2 savings, says Conapto’s Sustainability Project Manager, Christoffer Linder.

This collaboration underscores Conapto’s commitment to sustainability and its proactive efforts to reduce its carbon footprint in partnership with its customers and key stakeholders. Through responsible management of IT infrastructure and embracing circular economy principles, Conapto continues to contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.


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