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Why Sweden

Welcome to Stockholm, Sweden; one of the most beneficial places to establish your colocation data center.

The natural choice

Cold and stable climate as well as one of EU:s lowest-priced and greenest electricity together with a very politically stable environment, low geo-risk regarding natural disasters and technology savvy workforce makes Sweden and Stockholm the perfect place to establish data center colocation.


On top of that Stockholm is the most connected capital in the Nordic area which makes it the perfect location for international companies to deploy edge solutions.

EU’s lowest price on electricity

The data center industry is one of the most electricity intensive sectors in the world and, as the movement towards more cost-effective and sustainable solutions is getting stronger and stronger – the place where you consume your data center power becomes extremely important.

Sweden has one of the EU´s lowest price on electricity as well as one of the most sustainable mix of renewable and fossil free electricity in the whole world.

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Sweden produces
green electricity

Sweden also has one of the greenest electricity productions in the world when it comes to carbon intensity, how much production coming from fossil free sources as well as how much renewable energy we produce.

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Carbon intensity is a measure of the greenhouse gas emissions associated with producing the electricity you consume (in gCO₂eq/kWh – grams of carbon dioxide equivalents emitted per kilowatt hour of electricity consumed).

Low-carbon energy production means that the production involves a very low level of greenhouse gas emissions, such as in nuclear power production. Renewable energy production is based on renewable energy sources such as wind and water, sunshine, and geothermal energy.

Source: and the numbers are based on facts dated Nov 11 -2020.

Very low risk

With its geographical placement up in the north of Europe, Sweden is one of the safest locations from a geo-risk perspective.

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Well-educated and
tech savvy workforce

Sweden is one of the most tech savvy and digitized nations in the world. We have a well-educated workforce and a long track record of producing successful companies such as H&M, IKEA and Volvo. Over the recent years Sweden also has shown its ability to deliver new “tech-brands” brands such as Klarna, Spotify and King.

Sweden – the hub for hyperscalers

As a result of all the factors shown above Sweden have become one of the most attractive places for running data centers. Today we have pretty much all the world’s biggest companies already on site or in the process of establishing their presence. We have Facebook up in the north parts, Amazon with three big data centers in Mälardalen, Microsoft currently building in Gävle/Sandviken, Google bought land in Avesta. Sweden is today one of the hottest places to be if you want to run a cost-effective, sustainable and secure data center colocation.

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