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Why IT matters for your sustainability strategy

Close to every company who can is currently contributing to slowing down the virus spread by having their employees working from home. Many companies are therefore using their digital solutions more than usual and the availability of the IT environment is being stress tested. But apart from a test in accessibility, we can also see more clearly than ever how central the IT environment is in your company’s overall sustainability strategy.

Datacenters consume loads of energy which makes a negative impact on the environment. The expansion of the industry is ongoing and the datacenter industry has beaten the aviation industry in terms of environment impact. And that was before the corona virus. Meanwhile, more and more companies take more responsibility for their pollutions, but it’s not uncommon that the IT operations in neglected when creating a sustainability policy.

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Radar Ecosystem Specialist define sustainability like this: “Sustainability does not necessarily mean concrete actions, rather a state of balance where current needs don’t happen on the cost of future generations. A thesis which is well recognized within the environmental movement. The balance is a co-existence between economic, social and environmental aspects.” This approach might seem very straight-forward when it comes to choosing fuel for your companies transport infrastructure or buying goods from ecological producers. But it’s not quite as straight-forward when it comes to IT.

To apply a climate friendly approach to IT, you need to consider hardware, software and most importantly: operations. To consume large portions of data in a data center which have a proactive and environmental way of doing this is a cornerstone in your overall sustainability strategy.

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