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Softronic choses a modern business model without notice period

With modern agreement terms, Softronic builds a foundation that allows a flexible customer delivery with 100 % scalability according to customer needs. It’s a journey that they have already begun and will continue in cooperation with Conapto, who allows unlimited flexibility without lock-ins on long agreements.

Softronic is already keeping parts of their infrastructure at Conapto. That meaning, they don’t need to maintain a server hall on their own, instead handing over power, cooling, environmental aspects and security matters to Conapto. That said, there has been a challenge in regards to flexibility. In a world where we consume more and more on demand and flexibility demands a more common, Softronic are now able to also consume server halls by need, thanks to Conaptos new business model. It allows full transparency, no notice periods and complete freedom.

This is in line with how we package our own value proposition. Full flexibility, transparent terms and no lock-ins which allows our customers to scale up or down on the day. In addition to that, we appreciate sustainable, secure services and a Swedish speaking support. Conapto can now offer us all that we need.” Says Claes Brikell, sales manager at Softronic.

In addition to the new business model, Softronic can now offer their customers direct access to the public cloud e.g. Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or IBM Cloud, using Conapto CloudHub. Softronics customers can now use SaaS just like any of the current services such as Compliance Manager CM-1 and Vklass.

Our ambition is to simplify the migration to the cloud and revolutionize how companies use server halls. We are confident that our customers, as Softronic, wants to be able to adjust as company needs change over time. They want to be able to scale up and down as needed. We are a modern and flexible partner on the market.” says Håkan Björklund, CEO at Conapto.

Softronic is the first costumer to apply Conaptos flexible agreements for colocation and they see great opportunities to continue develop their customer offer even more.

With these new agreement terms we can start offering our customers the flexibility and transparency that they require. It will give us better chances to deliver tailor-made solutions for each of our customers, based on what they need.” says Claes Brikell.

About Softronic

Softronic offers a wide selection of IT and management services with an overall responsibility for the customer needs. They call is IT partnership. The company has grown from five employees 1984 to 500 employees today, and are listed on the Nasdaq OMX since 1998. Read more at

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