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RTS secures its IT operations for the future

RTS has for many years owned and operated a server hall under its own auspices. As IT became more and more business-critical and customer requirements changed, it became a great challenge to keep up with the developments.

Maintaining and investing in safe and sustainable solutions as well as creating flexibility and room for maneuver, over time became costly and a limiting factor.

Now RTS has moved its infrastructure into modern, climate-neutral, and secure data centers. RTS is renting the solution as a colocation business at Conapto.

With the move, they are now creating a modern platform that is not only sustainable, but it offers completely new opportunities to be able to scale up or down as needed. At the same time as the platform opens for new hybrid solutions, RTS can now accelerate total customer offerings.

“Operating our own server halls is not our core business, but now that we work with Conapto who are experts in this area, we can focus our time and energy on our customer offering. We can now offer a modern environment that lives up to high demands on security and reliability in combination with sustainable and climate-neutral data center delivery. It is an important step in our ambition to be the tech company of the future. In addition, we also get the opportunity to offer completely new hybrid solutions where some applications are consumed on the ground and others in the cloud. We can scale up or down based on needs rather than on what is physically possible, says Urban Berlinde, CEO of RTS”.

In connection with the move, Conapto has also been hired to close the old server hall and restore the building for other activities, which in itself is a good thing for the environment.

“It is an aspect that you may not think about but over time will have a positive impact on the environment. What if everyone sitting there with their own server hall that may be getting a little old over the years, you have no focus on investing in green conversion, renewable energy, heat recovery or recycling. Instead move your capacity to an operator that has all this in place. It would make a very big difference and be able to save both electricity consumption and reduce CO2 emissions, Urban concludes”.

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