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Intelligent Hands: Elevating Support Services at Conapto

At Conapto, we’re committed to providing comprehensive solutions that meet our customers’ diverse needs. One of the key services we offer is Intelligent Hands, a specialized support service designed to assist clients with technical tasks directly at the sites.

To shed more light on this service, we sat down with Joakim Moe, our site manager at Stockholm 2 South, for an insightful interview:

1. How does the Intelligent Hands service work?
“Intelligent Hands is a service where our operations team assists customers with technical tasks at their sites. Customers are offered help with everything from critical incidents requiring informed decision-making to troubleshooting and rack mounting. The service covers a wide range of tasks performed at our data centers.”

2. What are the benefits of using the Intelligent Hands service?
“Conapto’s experienced staff are stationed at the sites, enabling us to act quickly and efficiently. This also fosters close collaboration and enables us to tackle technical challenges together.”

3. How does Intelligent Hands differ from other support options?
“I’m proud to work for a company that can offer our customers world-class support directly on-site. I’m completely convinced that part of our customer satisfaction is rooted in the reassurance customers feel when interacting with our support.”

4. How does Intelligent Hands function during incidents? How can customers order the service and how quickly can they expect assistance?
“During incidents, our experienced operations team is on standby 24/7 to address customers’ urgent needs on-site and remotely. Intelligent Hands can be ordered through our support portal, and our efficient ticketing system ensures swift handling. For more urgent matters, we’re always available by phone. To meet our SLA, we have standby personnel ready to address the needs of a data environment around the clock, every day of the year.”

5. Can the Intelligent Hands service be customized to meet specific customer needs or requirements?
“We’re flexible in tailoring solutions to specific needs. Conapto has assisted several customers who are currently hosted with us with various projects and even helped relocate entire IT environments to our data centers.”

6. How long does it typically take for Intelligent Hands to resolve a typical support issue?
“The timeframe for resolving simpler issues is usually within the same day.”

With Intelligent Hands, Conapto continues to uphold its commitment to providing exceptional support services tailored to our customers’ evolving needs. For more information on how Intelligent Hands can benefit your business, get in touch with us today.

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