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Our highest valued critics have spoken — Conapto’s customer experience rates NPS +52

With a stated mission to deliver a world-class customer experience, we today reveal our latest customer survey results. With a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +52 compared to an industry average of +33 for IT services, Conapto clearly is in the top of the league.

As part of our work with our mission and customer strategy, customer surveys are conducted to measure customer satisfaction and the survey is done by AQ-analys. And with several recent investments in both sustainability, climate-neutrality, security and expansions — the survey works as a checkpoint that the company is moving in the right direction.

NPS benchmarks are the average Net Promoter Score that helps measure customer loyalty on a scale from -100 to +100 by gauging customers’ inclination to attract and refer new business and repeat business.

“Delivering a customer experience that meets or exceeds customer’s expectations is extremely important for a mutually beneficial and long-term partnership. We had a great result in the last survey and to be able to accelerate and achieve an even higher score this time shows our commitment to our customers which makes me very proud. Based on our mission, values and strong culture of continuous improvement, we are committed to developing our customer offering to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty even further,” says Håkan Björklund, CEO of Conapto.

The customer survey was conducted between December 2020 and January 2021 and the result was a strong +52 score — an increase from the last customer survey which landed a +45 score. Our customers rated Conapto on key measures of satisfaction such as proactivity, service quality, responsiveness, follow-up and resolution, as well as the company’s overall understanding of the customers’ business.

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