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New Customer Case Study: Lantmännen's Sustainable IT with Conapto

We’re thrilled to present the latest customer case study featuring Lantmännen, a prominent agricultural cooperative in Northern Europe. Their steadfast commitment to sustainability resonates throughout their operations, aligning perfectly with Conapto’s values.

In this customer case, we delve into Lantmännen’s journey towards establishing a more sustainable IT infrastructure with Conapto. Through prioritizing environmentally conscious data colocation practices, Lantmännen showcases their dedication to reducing their carbon footprint while optimizing operational efficiency.

From field to fork, sustainability remains at the core of Lantmännen’s operations, reflecting a shared vision for a greener future.

At Conapto, we’re proud to support Lantmännen on their sustainability journey as their chosen colocation service provider.

To explore Lantmännen’s sustainable IT infrastructure journey with Conapto further, dive into the full customer case here.

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