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Since last autumn, expansion of our facility Stockholm Nord in Sollentuna has been underway. We took the opportunity to check with our site manager Jens-Peter Johansson how it goes.

Hi JP, it has been hectic months on the site, how is it going for us?
It is going well, the plan was to expand with another 2 MW and about 400 rack spaces and everything is proceeding very well and as it looks now, we will be ready for customers to move in July this year, completely according to plan.

You hear quite a lot of alarming news that the Corona pandemic has caused long delivery times for technical equipment?
Yes, it is a parameter we are constantly looking at, but together with our contractor, we have so far managed to plan in a way that allows us to follow our schedule.

So where are you right now in the process?
Switchgear and transformers are already in place, we have put our new chillers in place and the two halls are being completed with raised floors, power stations, cooling units and shell protection in protection class 3. The next big part of the project is when our new reserve generators come into place, they are solid machines that weigh a little over 50 tons each.

Anything else exciting that you can tell?
Yes, we’re installing heat recovery. This means that we will be able to reuse the excess heat that the IT equipment generates in the halls and send it back as district heating to Sollentuna Energi & Miljö’s district heating network. The sustainability aspects of running data centers that consume large amounts of energy are very important. We work actively with this, run our facilities on 100% renewable electricity through Vattenfall 24/7 matchning, offer recycling and reuse of electronics, work actively with our energy efficiency (PUE), are ISO 14001 certified and certified climate neutral. Heat recovery will be another part that adds to our already solid sustainability work.

Last but not least, what do you wish for the most right now?
That we continue according to plan and can welcome new customers in the summer, that would be fantastic!


...and our product sheet for Conapto colocation is available for download.

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