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Sweden ranks second most digitally influential country in the world

Sweden has evolved to become at the forefront when it comes to digital transformation — both in society in general and specifically among corporations. This becomes clear once again in a recent study by consultancy firm Kearney, reported on by, where Sweden ranks the second highest digitally influential country in the world.

In the study, digital influence is defined by digital ability, digitally compatible legislation, and rate of digital activity within enterprises. On all three criteria’s, Sweden ends up high-ranking and consequently shows proven qualities for being a strategic and beneficial location for digital investments — also for global enterprises.

Top 10 digitally influential countries

  1. USA
  2. Sweden
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Singapore
  5. Israel
  6. Germany
  7. China
  8. Finland
  9. Netherlands
  10. Canada

“There are several examples of Swedish tech companies expanding both successfully and rapidly, Klarna, Trustly or Spotify to name a few. A digitally beneficial environment has of course played a part here. And that is something we from a data center perspective believe is important to consider also for global enterprises — when looking for a good location for the next digital investment. In Sweden, you won’t need to worry about the geographical location slowing you down — quite the opposite.” says Stefan Nilsson, CCO at Conapto.

And to deliver great digital services, a great data center solution is required. With the expansion of edge data center deployments comes a demand for locations that can accommodate high requirements for a DC solution. The ‘need for speed’, achieving low latency connections, having greater bandwidth, and utilizing the benefits of reduced data transit costs are all qualities to look for when choosing a location for your edge deployment expansion. Here Sweden, and particularly Stockholm possesses a score card that is tough to beat. With green electricity production, one of EUs lowest electricity prices, very stable and secure climate in combination with the overall digitally mature business landscape it’s a great place to benefit from digital investment.

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