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New actor will give the dragons a challenge

Conapto facilitates the transformation to the cloud by changing the way customers consume co-location and access to the cloud.

Conapto AB is being launched in the Swedish cloud and co-location market. The objective is clear. Conapto have the ambition to change the way companies use data centers, cloud services and communication. From a formerly stiff business model with ongoing contract periods and hidden costs, we offer a flexible model without lock-in and with pricing based on actual use.

”This particular part of the market has for a long time been using a model which is based on tying up customers in long, complex agreements. It feels old-fashioned and we are completely convinced that today’s and future customers want to consume our services as needed. You want to be able to scale up and quickly adapt as business needs change. With Conapto we want to offer the market a flexible partner that facilitates customers move to the cloud” says Håkan Björklund, CEO at Conapto.

Conapto offers safe, environment-friendly and cost-efficient data centers for the hardware and market leading accessibility to the internet and public cloud services such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and IBM Cloud.

Conapto have from the start 22 employees, headquarters and two non-polluting data centers in Stockholm with the ambition to turnover 120 MSEK during 2019. An ambition that is higher than the forecasted growth of 18% for the co-location market in general.

Behind the initiative is the Nordic Private Equity Fund, Segulah V L.P. It ensures long-term, active and responsible ownership where focus is on innovation, growth and customer benefit. On the board we also find names such as Ulf Engerby, former CEO and founder of Qbranch, and Ann Hellenius, CIO of the Year 2017 and elected CIO at Scandic Hotels.

For more information contact:
Håkan Björklund
CEO Conapto AB
070-559 07 86

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