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Hybrid IT – the best of two worlds

Conapto and Radar Ecosystem Specialists present a report series in four parts – The industrialized IT ecosystem. First up is Hybrid IT – the best of two worlds, a report where you’ll get familiar with the concept hybrid IT and what it can do for your company. Our marketing manager says the following about Conaptos cooperation with Radar:

Deeper insights and a wider perspective of where the market is heading is always valuable. It’ been truly inspiring working with Radar on some of the matters we know our customers want to learn more about. The results is now launched in this report series and we hope you’ll enjoy the reading.

Hybrid IT is the combination of cloud based solutions and IT that’s left on-site with the rest of the organisation or at a parter. Radars research shows that more than half of Swedish IT companies are of the opinion that outsourcing make resources available, which allows them to focus on operational support rather than maintenance. Are you interested in learning more about the synergy effects colocation gives you? Need insights on how you can construct a cloud strategy that gives you both flexibility and innovation power? Download the report to get the grip of hybrid IT.

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