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Cut costs for maintenance and electricity in half

To run your own data center is often both expensive, requires investments and can also involve a major negative impact on the environment. Many old data centers consume huge amounts of energy as they were built at a time when sustainability matters were a low priority. The colocation provider Conapto wants to speed up the demolition of pollutive data centers with their solution sale-leaseback. A business model that not only helps companies going green but can also make you reduce costs by millions..

We get reports on how an already non-sustainable data center industry becomes more and more pollutive. The reason for this is the massive amounts of energy which the data centers consume, that rarely comes from renewable sources. Many new data centers are built around the world, but there are also still a large portion of old data centers that are still active. They are often expensive to run as components are costly, infrastructure needs updating and replacements and downtime happens more frequently.

Against this background, Conapto created the business model sale-leaseback for data centers. The model allows customers to sell their old data centers to Conapto who takes over the maintenance. The customer then rents space in the data center as a colocation service for as long as they want to — before they get Conaptos help to move their IT into Conapto’s climate-neutral data centers. This will simplify the transition to more sustainable alternatives, while you rent the data center as a service, sats Stefan Nilsson, CMO at Conapto.

– We are first in Sweden with a model for sale-leaseback for companies’ own data centers. We offer customers the opportunity to sell their old data center to us and then get step-by-step assistance to move into our environment friendly data centers where they only pay for what they actually use, Stefan explains.

Customer saved 3 million Swedish kronor in maintenance costs
By moving into a energy-efficient and climate-neutral data center, companies can in many cases cut their electricity bill in half. For one of Conapto’s customers, the use of sale-leaseback came with a decrease in CO2 pollutants from 476 tons to 0 tons CO2 — a 3 millions Swedish kronor in cut maintenance costs.
– This case shows the positive impact colocation can have on costs for both maintenance, operations and electricity — but also on pollutants. 476 tons of carbon dioxide is the same amount as the pollutants from 180 flights Stockholm – Gothenburg, and that is what is saved — every year, says Stefan Nilsson.

Pay for what you actually use
By letting Conapto handle the whole project, including the actual move, both efforts and cots are minimized for the customer. By the end of the project, the customer has IT which is run in green data centers, flexible and scalable agreements and data centers which are compliant with security class 3.

– With Coanpto’s data centers, you can transfer the cost of IT infrastructure from long investment in CAPEX to a flexible OPEX model, where you only pay for what you actually use. Our ambition is to deliver real customer value and enable our customers to innovate and grow, finishes Steefan Nilsson.

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