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Conapto achieves a notable NPS score of +70

Conapto, the Swedish provider of secure and sustainable data center colocation, has unveiled the results of its latest customer survey, showcasing a notable Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +70. This accomplishment underscores the company’s unwavering commitment to delivering a world-class customer experience in line with its overarching vision.

In comparison to industry benchmarks, Conapto’s NPS of +70 stands out significantly. Benchmark data for B2B IT services places the median NPS at +40, while the average NPS for the Technology & Services sector is 64. Conapto’s achievement is a testament to its dedication to exceeding customer expectations.

The company also excelled in the Nöjd-Kund-Index (NKI), securing an impressive score of 84.1. To put this in perspective, the satisfaction scores in Nordic countries, with Sweden’s overall score of 66.7, highlight Conapto’s exceptional performance in customer satisfaction.

Conapto’s commitment to customer satisfaction is an integral part of its broader mission, values, and customer strategy. The independent customer survey, conducted by AQ-analys, serves as a crucial checkpoint, validating the company’s direction with recent investments in sustainability, security, and data center capacity expansions.

Continuous measurement of customer satisfaction is a key practice for Conapto, as studies show that companies actively assessing customer satisfaction tend to have more loyal and satisfied customers. Net Promoter Score benchmarks provide valuable insights into customer loyalty, with Conapto’s +70 score indicating a high level of customer referral tendency.

Håkan Björklund, CEO of Conapto, emphasizes the significance of delivering an exceptional customer experience, stating, “Delivering a customer experience that meets or exceeds customers’ expectations is extremely important for a mutually beneficial and long-term partnership. Based on our mission, values, and a strong culture of continuous improvement, we are committed to developing our customer offering to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty further.”

The customer survey was conducted between August 2023 and September 2023 by AQ Analys. Customers rated Conapto on crucial satisfaction measures, including service quality, security, sustainability, customer service, onboarding, responsiveness, and overall understanding of the customers’ businesses. This outstanding achievement reinforces Conapto’s position as a leader in customer-centric data center solutions.

Source: AQ Analys
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