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Conapto opens two new data halls in Stockholm

Doubles the capacity at its Stockholm 3 North facility and adds heat recovery to district heating

Conapto is now opening the doors to two new data halls and doubling the capacity at its facility Stockholm 3 North in Sollentuna. The new halls have a total capacity of 448 rack spaces and 2 MW of power, and customers will start moving in from September 1. The entire plant has, after expansion, a total capacity of 3,400 square meters, 900 rack spaces and a total power of 6 MW. Stockholm 3 North, like Conapto’s other data centers, is powered by 100% renewable electricity via Vattenfall 24/7, has heat recovery for reusing the excess energy to the district heating network and increased security with data halls according to Swedish Protection Class 3.

“Scalable, secure and sustainable data center colocation is our core business. Combined with cloud connectivity and the fact that we are a local operator-neutral supplier with three interconnected data centers in Stockholm, actually makes us completely unique in the market. The expansion and upgrade to Protection Class 3 as well as extended perimeter protection is completely in line with our ambition to constantly listen to our customers’ and the market’s demand in order to be able to quickly adapt and develop our offering. In 2020, we launched a new computer room in the existing facility in protection class 3 and it is already sold out. A clear signal that focus on security and a strong sustainability profile is top of mind for many companies and organizations”, says Håkan Björklund, CEO of Conapto.

The new data halls have also been prepared to handle high densities with capacity for air-cooled solutions up to 20 kW per rack and liquid-cooled solutions up to 100 kW (rear-door, direct to chip or immersion cooling).

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