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Conapto featured in EME Outlook Magazine

We are delighted to share the recent recognition Conapto has received in the prominent EME Outlook Magazine, shedding light on our significant role in Sweden’s data centre colocation industry. Spearheading innovation, our state-of-the-art facilities are evolving the nation’s capacity for global data diversification.

Elevating Sweden’s Colocation Industry

Highlighted by our CEO, Håkan Björklund, and CCO, Stefan Nilsson, Conapto has become a key player in meeting the growing demand for secure colocation and cloud connectivity. Established in 2018, we strategically deliver digital services that capitalize on Stockholm’s connectivity advantages and customer-centric focus.

Stockholm: A Hub of Technological Innovation

As the capital of Sweden, Stockholm has witnessed exponential growth in the data centre market. Conapto, positioned at the forefront, aligns with the city’s commitment to technological innovation, contributing to the flourishing colocation market.

Environmental Leadership and Future Initiatives

Our commitment to environmental sustainability is underscored by our strategic location in Stockholm, boasting some of the world’s greenest electricity. The article outlines our plans for a frequency support system, ensuring a balanced national power network. Additionally, Conapto is working towards incorporating hydrogen as a long-term replacement for generators, advancing our journey towards a fossil-fuel-free future.

Download the article HERE to explore Conapto’s industry contributions, environmental initiatives, and future developments in the dynamic data centre landscape.

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