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Nordic Leadership: Energy Transition Index

Conapto Celebrates Nordic Leadership in Global Energy Transition

At Conapto, we take pride in being at the forefront of the ever-evolving energy landscape. We understand that the transition to sustainable and secure energy systems is a global priority. In this article, we celebrate the remarkable achievements of our Nordic neighbors and shed light on the unexpected progress in energy transitions across the globe. With Sweden, Denmark, and Norway leading the charge, the race toward net-zero emissions has taken on new dimensions, uniting nations in their pursuit of greener energy solutions. Additionally, as the new European Energy Directive (EED) enters into force, we explore how this groundbreaking legislation aligns with the strides made by our region and countries worldwide. Read on to discover the Nordic perspective and the factors driving the success of our region and countries around the world.

Nordic Excellence in Energy Transition

Sweden, Denmark, and Norway: Nordic Front Runners

  • The Nordic countries, including Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, have consistently held top positions in the World Economic Forum’s Energy Transition Index.
  • These nations benefit from diverse energy system structures, stable regulatory frameworks, substantial investments in research and development, and carbon pricing schemes promoting sustainable solutions.
  • Their success serves as a testament to the region’s commitment to secure, affordable, and reliable energy systems.

Leading the Charge in Equitable Energy Development

Kenya: A Beacon of Inclusivity

  • Kenya, ranked 46th overall, is making aggressive strides towards transition readiness.
  • The nation’s Energy Act of 2019 aims to provide energy for everyone while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Focus on energy plans at the county level fosters inclusiveness and energy equity.

Tunisia: Efficiency and Renewability

  • Tunisia’s energy demand is rising, leading to significant gas and oil imports.
  • Implementation of the Tunisian Solar Plan with a 30% renewable electricity target by 2030.
  • Emphasis on improving energy efficiency to combat energy intensity.

Prioritizing Energy Security in Challenging Times

Brunei Darussalam: Diversification Amid Dependence

  • Brunei, ranked 105th in the ETI rankings, focuses on diversifying energy sources.
  • Emphasizes the need for transparent and reliable carbon inventory.

Ghana: Hydropower Growth

  • Ghana’s energy security success is largely attributed to hydropower, constituting almost half of its electricity production.
  • Significant growth in access to electricity, making it a standout in sub-Saharan Africa.

Albania: A Unique Dependence on Hydropower

  • Albania is almost entirely dependent on hydropower for electricity generation.
  • Adopts the European Union’s national energy and climate plans for sustainability.

Advancing Sustainability Efforts

Estonia: Renewable Energy Investment

  • Estonia’s renewable energy investment continues to grow, with a focus on wind energy.
  • Upcoming projects include the country’s largest wind farm.

Luxembourg: A Commitment to Reduce GHG Emissions

  • Luxembourg places sustainability and energy efficiency at the heart of its decarbonization strategy.
  • Significant reduction in CO2 emissions in 2022, rivaling European leaders.

Saudi Arabia: Toward Sustainable Growth

  • Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 aims to reduce oil dependency and increase non-oil exports.
  • Investments in hydrogen-related projects, research and development for solar and wind energy growth.
  • Focus on electrification, energy efficiency, and hydrogen utilization.


As the world continues its journey toward net-zero emissions, it’s inspiring to see countries charting unique courses in their energy transitions. Our Nordic neighbors, including Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, are setting the global benchmark for sustainable, secure, and affordable energy systems. Additionally, with the new European Energy Directive (EED) coming into force, the region is poised to take its leadership in energy transition to new heights. At Conapto, we understand the importance of these developments and stand ready to support your data center needs in this ever-changing landscape. Together, we’re shaping a greener, more sustainable future, aligning with the latest in EU energy legislation. Stay tuned for more updates on the evolving energy industry and its impact on our region and the world.


In the latest Energy Transition Index rankings, France is the only major economy to make it into the top 10. Image: World Economic Forum

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