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DCDTalks Greening New Capacity

DCDTalks Greening New Capacity with Stefan Nilsson from Conapto

During DCD’s event in Silicon Valley, Conapto’s Chief Commercial Officer, Stefan Nilsson, took the stage to highlight the company’s various ways of creating new capacity with sustainability at its core. During a dynamic half-hour discussion, Stefan explained the actions Conapto has taken to integrate environmental responsibility into all aspects of Conapto’s operations.

24/7 Matching for Renewable Energy

Conapto’s commitment to sustainability begins with the use of Vattenfall’s 24/7 matching solution to power Conapto’s data centers. This implementation not only helps Conapto be transparent about the use of energy sources but also ensures a reliable and fossil-free energy supply for customers.

Reuse of Excess Heat

One of Conapto’s innovative methods to reduce environmental impact is the reuse of excess heat. The excess heat generated by customers’ IT equipment in the data center is utilized to benefit nearby communities. By connecting to the district heating network, over 90% of the energy is reused, contributing to a more sustainable energy use and community.

Sustainability Regulations

When discussing global sustainability regulations, one must consider their potential impact on companies with IT workloads across Europe. At Conapto, we believe it’s essential to stay ahead of regulatory changes to drive sustainability innovation. Conapto positions itself as a leader in this regard, proactively adapting to future regulations and setting new industry standards.

If you missed Stefan Nilsson’s insightful discussion about Conapto’s commitment to making colocation more environmentally friendly and want to gain valuable insights into the future of sustainable IT infrastructure, you can watch the recorded video above.

Join us on our journey towards a greener and more environmentally responsible future for colocation.

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