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Updated information regarding Covid-19

UPDATED 2020-04-20
As the corona virus is spreading more and more, and both the EU and WHO (World Health Organization) have recommended increased crisis preparedness, we are now activating our own crisis management and taking some immediate action.

– Dialogue with our suppliers to ensure that we together have preparedness for a possible shortage of critical components and spare parts.
– Make extra purchases of accessories and consumables that are part of our normal customer delivery.
– Establishes crisis management plan for our key personnel in operations to ensure continuous operation and maintenance of critical infrastructure.
– Establishes crisis management plan with our service partners to ensure continuous operation and maintenance of critical infrastructure.
– Clear instructions for all employees to work at home if possible.
– A visitor ban on our sites for people who have been in, or passed any of the designated risk areas, or been in contact with someone who has done so for the past 14 days.
–Separeted our Data Center engineer team on different sites to avoid risk and contamination.
– Equips both office and data center with hand liquor and mouth protection.
– Activate our internal emergency management function.
– Perform a crisis exercise on scenarios that may occur in the event of a major outbreak or pandemic.

Do you want to follow EU news about the corona virus:
For daily update on the situation in the EU/EEA and UK The European Commission’s webpage on coronavirus
Do you want to follow WHO’s news about the corona virus:
News from the Swedish Government Offices:

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